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The aim of this blog is to show the project: A Telecentre in Djolu
The project is collaboration between two Italian organizations and two Congolese NGOs: UP4 Onlus Italy,
CDIB and ILDI RD Congo

Djolu lays in the jungle of the RD Congo, in the North-wet of the country (province Equateur).
It is a dispersed habitat of 10500 people and is the headquarter of a region that amounts to 250 000 people.

Is the third-largest country in Africa, and is one of richest in terms of natural resources. However, due to colonialism and to 20th country politics this country is one of the poorest in the world.
Between 1997 and the 2003 the RD Congo was involved in a long lasting war, known as First African world war (5 millions victims).

The war made all infrastructures and communication systems (fluvial, road and bridges) unavailable.
As a consequence, Djolu today can be reached only by pirogue, bicycle and motorbike. Furthermore there is a landing strip for humanitarian flights and private companies.
In order to reach the administrative and commercial centres (located at 300-500 km) it may take several weeks.
Lack of infrastructure and such poor communications systems further isolated Djolu from the rest of the country and the world, with consequential economic and social instability.

The project:
The aim of the project is to break the isolation of this region trough the setting up of a Telecentre (TC).

The target population of the project is: Local Ngos, Teachers and students, Medical staff, and any other business related people.
The TC will be composed of 10 computers, a satellite internet system (Vsat), and other computer-related instruments, and will be powered by Photovoltaic system.

The TC will be managed by two Congolese Ngos, three full time people will employed for this task.

The TC will allow the target population to:
- Access basic communication and information systems (internet, telephone via internet, fax etc)
- Access to telemedicine net for Medical staff
- Training in basic computers skills
- Access to Distance-learning
- Contact other Ngos or International organizations that deals with development
- Improving education-related issues for Teachers and Students
- Facilitate business trough money transfer

Other facilities will include: typing of letters and documents, photocopying, digital photography and printing, transactions and telephone via internet, and radio communication.
Such facilities will be charged and will contribute to the self sustenance of the Telecentre

The Project budget is 60 000 euros and it includes:
- Setting up the Telecentre
- Training
- 12 months initial financing for starting up (internet charges, and salaries of the 3 employed)
- Computer materials and communication instruments
- Solar power system
- Transport
- Office furniture

We recently asked the following institutions to fund this project: Fondazione Banco di Sardegna, FSN Fonds mondial de solidarité numerique, ENIFoundation, Western Union Fondation.

You can contribute to this project sending any amount to this bank account:
UP4 urban planning for participation and development
IBAN: IT55 H056 9601 0000 0000 1377X30
Purpose of payment: DJOLU


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